#PostChat Rebooted

Calling all editors and post production professionals, enthusiasts, students, or just interested people! We’re bringing back PostChat. PostChat is a weekly meeting on Twitter where everyone would tweet using the hashtag PostChat and talk about all things editing. The creators of PostChat, including Jesse Averna, Tej Babra, and The Art of the Guillotine, and others, would host the chat weekly at 6PM PST/ 9PM Eastern, talking about a number of topics and even bringing guests on for everyone to talk with and interview.

They had a great, valuable idea and we’d like to pick up the foundation they built and reboot it again. Hop on Twitter and look at #PostChat, join the discussion, and tell your other post production friends to join us too! Chats are hosted every Wednesday night at  6PM PST/ 9PM Eastern.

Get involved!

  • The easiest way to chat is to click here and use tchat.io (and bookmark it!) Dates and times are below
  • Follow @Chris_Colton on Twitter for updates concerning #postchat.
  • Remember that the PostChat community follows the tag even when we’re not in the chat, so if you can’t make it you’ll still be able to interact with everyone using the #Postchat hashtag (again, tchat.io is what I’d recommend).
  • This page will also be the central area to look for PostChat information
  • If you can’t make it to a chat, transcripts will always be available in the table below shortly after the chats complete.
  • Please feel free to offer suggestions via #postchat on Twitter or on this page’s comments section below. I’d love any kind of feedback, suggestions for topics and guests, etc. if you have them in mind!

Chat Dates, Details, and Transcripts

Date and Time Topic or Guest Transcript Download Users Chatting
Reintroducing the Post Chatters Click here 41
NLEs: Our most important (sometimes most frustrating) tools! Workflows, features, updates, and more Available after chat is done

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